Pierre-Olivier Fortin - Crystal Fund

Pierre-Olivier Fortin

Dr Fortin is a non-executive director and board member for the Oristan Ireland DAC component of the Crystal Fund since September 2018.

He holds a position as senior lecturer in Economics for Royal Holloway University of London since 2014, where he is teaching a wide range of Economics and Finance subjects. Previously he was a Lecturer for the Toulouse School of Economics. His core research interest concerns the interrelated dynamics of the loan market and of collateral asset prices; focusing specifically on non-deposit taking lenders.

From 2016 to 2019 Dr Fortin was also the Chief Financial Officer for Innoside SAS, a crowd forecasting company based in Toulouse, France.

Prior to his current occupations, Dr Fortin spent 10 years at JP Morgan as a quantitative researcher and vice president, specializing in fixed income flow and derivative markets. During this time, Dr Fortin helped building the foundation of JP Morgan’s electronic trading capabilities as well as working on numerous research projects.

Dr Fortin holds a Master in Functional Analysis from the University of Jussieu and École Polytechnique, France, and a PhD in Economics from the University of Durham, UK.

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