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Lawrence Carvalho

Mr. Carvalho joined Oristan in 2007 and is responsible for the day-to-day operations as well as the risk monitoring of the various portfolios managed by Oristan.

Prior to this role, Mr. Carvalho worked for 4 years in Credit Default Swap (CDS) data analysis and reporting in the Primary Mortgage Insurance (PMI Group). During this tenure, he kept track of the indemnity amount (Risk In Force) and total loan (Insurance In Force) book size in the UK and Italian markets. This was essential to value the amount of capital required by rating agencies and regulatory authority. He was also involved in the design, specification and implementation of PMI’s Central data repository for the Primary Mortgage Insurance and Credit Default Swap business in PMI Europe.

Mr. Carvalho also worked for 8 years in web development for back end server and data analysis for the customer relationship marketing department in banks in Oman and Dubai. During his college internship, he held positions in data analysis at PJ Carrolls Ireland (Rothmans International) in Dublin.

Mr. Carvalho holds a BA Degree (with Honors) in Business Studies from the University Of Ulster, Belfast. He specialized in International Marketing and Technical Support Systems. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Internet Systems Development from the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

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