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Olivier Gozlan

Mr. Gozlan is the Portfolio Manager of Oristan since 2006. He is responsible for monitoring positions, identifying new opportunities, presenting trade ideas to the investment committee and trading. 

Prior to joining Oristan, Mr. Gozlan spent 3 years at JPMorgan as a CDO structurer, responsible for various aspects from origination to execution of new CDO transactions, as well as restructuring seasoned transactions. He has also been involved in several research projects with focus on quantitative modelling and analysis. Prior to joining JPMorgan, Mr. Gozlan worked for a year in the R&D team at Calyon where he designed and developed pricing and risk management tools for the Fixed Income trading floor. Mr. Gozlan was particularly involved in incorporating a stochastic volatility model into the pricing library.

Mr. Gozlan holds a Master of Engineering degree (Honors) in Financial Mathematics from the National Engineering School of Applied Mathematics of Grenoble (“ENSIMAG”), France, and a post graduate degree (High Honors) in Finance, from the Doctoral School of Management, University of Grenoble. He achieved his Master thesis in conjunction with Société Générale, where he spent 6 months working on CDO quantitative analysis.

Mr. Gozlan is a guest lecturer in Finance (Fixed Income and Derivatives) at the Royal Holloway University in London since 2014.

In 2012, Mr. Gozlan received the CreditFlux award of Best ABS/CDO Hedge Fund Manager.

Mr. Gozlan is also involved in various charitable projects (as manager or trustee), which finance schools, educational programs and fight poverty.

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