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BK Opportunities
Fund 7

30th June 2022

Dear all,

The final NAV of BK Opportunities Fund-7 (Euro) as of 30th June 2022 is:


BK Opportunities Fund-7 final net performances

as of 30th June 2022

June 2022 Monthly Return (non-annualized) -8.4%
June 2022 Year-to-Date (non-annualized) -18.8%
June 2022 Return since inception (non-annualized) -15.6%
Prices across asset classes have deteriorated in June with an exacerbated situation in Europe, as it is more energy-dependent and more fragmented than other blocks to address challenges (amongst other reasons). These price movements reflect the anticipation of a recession, and we may also see further price turbulences. Despite their reduced liquidity and their sensitivity to monthly brokers/dealers valuations, BK-7 positions are fundamentally robust and can, not only resist but, continue to perform under these recession scenarios. Furthermore, the current environment gives rise to opportunities, so part of proceeds and payments are reinvested cautiously and in a very gradual manner.

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